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Sältzer, Marius (2022): Finding the bird’s wings: Dimensions of factional conflict on Twitter. Party Politics, 28, Heft 1, S. 61–70. mehr
Traunmüller, Richard, und Marc Helbling (2022): Backlash to Policy Decisions: How Citizens React to Immigrants’ Rights to Demonstrate. Political Science Research & Methods , 10, Heft 2, S. 279-297. mehr
Weißmann, Markus, und Tobias Roth (2022): Pre-existing firm contacts and satisfaction with and stability of apprenticeship training in Germany. [DFG Priority Programme SPP1646 Education as a Lifelong Process: Final Conference of the third Funding Phase, (virtual conference), 28. bis 30. März 2022] mehr
Welbers, Kasper, Wouter van Atteveldt, Joe Bajjalieh, Dan Shalmon, Pradnyesh Joshi, Scott Althaus, Chung-hong Chan, Hartmut Wessler und Marc Jungblut (2022): Linking event archives to news: a computational method for analyzing the gatekeeping process. Communication Methods and Measures, 16, Heft 1, S. 59-78. mehr
Wenz, Alexander, Annette Jäckle, Jonathan Burton und Mick P. Couper (2022): The effects of personalized feedback on participation and reporting in mobile app data collection. Social Science Computer Review, 40, Heft 1, S. 165–178. mehr
Wessler, Hartmut (2022): Ein Ideenforum für die „Vorsondierungen“ der Kommunikationswissenschaft. Publizistik: Vierteljahreshefte für Kommunikationsforschung, 67, S. 9-17. mehr
Wingen, Tobias, und Jana Berkessel (2022): Die Replikationskrise vermitteln, aber Vertrauen erhalten. Psychologische Rundschau, 73, Heft 1, S. 42-43. mehr
Wuttke, Alexander, Konstantin Gavras und Harald Schoen (2022): Have Europeans Grown Tired of Democracy? New Evidence from 18 Consolidated Democracies, 1981-2018. British Journal of Political Science, 52, Heft 1, S. 416-428. mehr
Zeng, Jing, Chung-hong Chan und Mike S. Schäfer (2022): Contested Chinese Dreams of AI? Public discourse about Artificial intelligence on WeChat and People’s Daily Online. Information, Communication & Society, 25, Heft 3, S. 319-340. mehr
Abou-Chadi, Tarik, Denis Cohen und Thomas Kurer (2021): The Political Economy of Rental Housing. [Departmental Seminar Series, Department of Political Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Invited Talk), (virtual conference), 07. April 2021] mehr