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Broscheid, Andreas, und Thomas Gschwend (2003): Augäpfel, Murmeltiere und Bayes: Zur Auswertung stochastischer Daten aus Vollerhebungen. [MPIfG Working Paper] mehr
Caramani, Daniele, und Claudius Wagemann (2003): A Transnational Political Culture? The Alpine Region and its Relationship to European Integration. mehr
De Bièvre, Dirk (2003): Governance in International Trade: Judicialisation and Positive Integration in the WTO. Köln mehr
De Bièvre, Dirk (2003): International Institutions and Domestic Coalitions: The Differential Effects of Negotiations and Judicialisation in European Trade Policy. San Domenico di Fiesole [EUI SPS Working Paper] mehr
Dür, Andreas (2003): Theorizing the Contagious Effects of Regionalism: European Integration and Transatlantic Trade Relations, 1957-1963. [EUI Working Papers, Political and Social Sciences Department] mehr
Gibson, Rachel K., und Andrea Römmele (2003): Regional Web campaigning in the 2002 German Federal Election. mehr
Heath, Anthony, und Frank Kalter (2003): Ethnic Minority Research in Comparative Perspective. [ChangeQual Theme Papers] mehr
Karp, Jeffrey, Hermann Schmitt und Andreas M. Wüst (2003): Electoral Systems and Government Arrangements: Evaluating Preferences of Parliamentary Candidates in New Zealand and Germany. Philadelphia mehr
Kogan, Irena, und Frank Schubert (2003): General indicators on transition from school to work. [Statistics in focus, Population and social conditions (Theme 3)] mehr
Müller, Walter (2003): Introduction: Comparative Analyses of Intergenerational "Inheritance". Mannheim [State of the Art Review for the Changequal Research Network (Economic Change, Unequal Life-Chances and Quality of Life research)] mehr