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Larat, Fabrice (2007): Introduction into the process of integration in Europe since 1945. Xi'an, China mehr
Larat, Fabrice (2007): The invisible wall in our minds. [Thinking Europe, Newsletter] mehr
Larat, Fabrice (2007): Presentation of the CONNEX Database GOVDATA. Paris, France mehr
Larat, Fabrice (2007): The Rome Treaties: a historical date in Europe's history?. Xi'an, China mehr
Miller, Bernhard (2007): Party Controls in Coalitions: Why They Control the Way They Control. Dublin mehr
Schmitt, Hermann, und Angelika Scheuer (2007): Public Policy Mood and Support for European Integration in Germany. Brüssel mehr
Schmitt, Hermann, und Wouter van der Brug (2007): Class, religion and the vote in Europe. Helsinki mehr
Stocké, Volker (2007): The Motive for Status Maintenance and Educational Decisions. Which of the Parents Defines the Reference Point?. Mannheim mehr
Stocké, Volker (2007): Strength, Sources, and Temporal Development of Primary Effects of Families' Social Status on Secondary School Choice. Mannheim mehr
Stumpf, Christian, und Andreas M. Wüst (2007): Vereinbarkeitsstudie der Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar 2007: Ergebnisse einer repräsentativen Unternehmensbefragung. Mannheim; Heidelberg mehr