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Schmitt, Hermann (2002): Partisanship in Western Europe and the US Causes and Consequences. Boston, Mass. mehr
Schmitt, Hermann (2002): Second-Order Elections to the European Parliament: Is E-Voting the Solution?. Florence mehr
Schmitt, Hermann, und Cees van der Eijk (2002): There is Not Much Euro-hostile Non-voting in European Parliament Elections. Turin mehr
Seidendorf, Stefan (2002): Européisation des discours identitaires? – Une comparaison franco-allemande. Paris mehr
Wüst, Andreas M. (2002): Political Preferences and Voting Behaviour of Naturalized Citizens in Germany. Turin mehr
Zmerli, Sonja (2002): Different forms? Different effects? The relevance of bonding and bridging aspects of social capital. Exeter, GB [Rusel Papers. Civic Series. New Studies on Social Capital] mehr
Zmerli, Sonja (2002): Presented paper: Bonding and Bridging Social Capital. A Relevant Concept for Political Participation?. Turin mehr
Zmerli, Sonja (2002): Presented paper: The Empirical Relevance of Bonding and Bridging Social Capital. An East-West German Comparison. mehr
Jungblut, Jean-Marie (2001): The System of Official Social Surveys in Luxembourg. Mannheim [EuReporting Working Paper] mehr
Kalter, Frank, und Nadia Granato (2001): Recent Trends of Assimilation in Germany. Mannheim [ZUMA-Arbeitsbericht 2001/02] mehr