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Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2012): The Privatization of Pensions in Europe facing the Crisis. ["Finance et protection sociale" Workshop, Sciences Po, Paris, 03. bis 04. Oktober 2012] mehr
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2012): Shifting Responsibilities in Western European Pension Systems. [ISA RC19 Conference, Oslo, 23. bis 25. August 2012] mehr
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2012): Welfare state support from below. [19th Conference of Europeanists, Boston, 22. bis 24. März 2012] mehr
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard, und Dirk Hofäcker (2012): Reversing Early Retirement in Advanced Welfare Economies: Overcoming Push and Pull Factors. [ECSR/EQUALSOC Conference: Economic change, Equality of life and Social cohesion, Stockholm University, Stockholm, 24. bis 26. September 2012] mehr
Faas, Thorsten, und Johannes N. Blumenberg (2012): How to Measure Voting Intentions in Times of Growing Uncertainty and Volatility? A Comparison of Party Ratings, Propensities to Vote and Yet Another New Instrument. [2nd Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association, Berlin, 21. bis 23. Juni 2012] mehr
Faas, Thorsten, und Johannes N. Blumenberg (2012): Scrutinizing Dynamics: Rolling panel waves in theory and practice. [GOR 2012, Mannheim, 05. bis 07. März 2012] mehr
Faas, Thorsten, und Johannes N. Blumenberg (2012): Scrutinizing Dynamics - Rolling Panel Waves in Theory and Practice. [General Online Research, DHBW, Mannheim, 05. bis 07. März 2012] mehr
Fietkau, Sebastian (2012): Balkan Pop or Eurotrash – Yugoslavia and Its Successor States in the Eurovision Song Contest. [Europe and the Balkans: The 3rd workshop of the network Media and Memoria in South-Eastern Europe, Supetar/Island Brac, 08. bis 13. Mai 2012] mehr
Finke, Daniel, und Dirk Junge (2012): Agenda Setting and Group Cohesion in the European Parliament. [Pan-European Conference on EU Politics, Tampere, 13. bis 15. September 2012] mehr
Gebel, Michael (2012): Does temporary employment mitigate the scar effects of unemployment? A cross-country comparison based on British, German and Swiss panel data. [10th international SOEP user conference, Berlin, 28. bis 29. Juni 2012] mehr