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Hofäcker, Dirk (2012): In line or at odds with public policies? Individual retirement preferences in a changing pension landscape. [ESPAnet Anniversary Conference 2012, University of Edinburgh, 06. bis 08. September 2012] mehr
Hofäcker, Dirk, und Elias Naumann (2012): Happy Retirement – Cancelled? Exploring an emergent trend on the German labour market. [ESA RN1 Mid-Term conference "Ageing in the light of crises: Economic crisis, demographic change, and the search for meaning", Umeå University, 03. bis 05. Oktober 2012] mehr
Hofäcker, Dirk, Heike Schröder, Matthew Flynn und Yuxin Li (2012): Does the Promotion of Extended Working Lives Foster the Emergence of New Inequalities? Comparing Trends and Determinants of Work-retirement Transitions in Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom. [Symposium on Asian Perspectives on Social Stratification and Inequality, Center for the Study of Social Stratification and Inequality, Tohoku University, Sendai, 27. bis 28. Oktober 2012] mehr
Hubl, Vanessa (2012): The duration of household nonemployment spells in the United Kingdom and Germany: How do individual, structural and policy factors interact?. [ECSR, EQUALSOC & University of Trento Joint Summer School on Inequality and the Life Course, Trento, 03. bis 07. September 2012] mehr
Hörisch, Felix (2012): Fiscal Policy in Hard Times - A fuzzy-set QCA of fiscal policy reactions to the financial crisis. [IPSA-XXII World Congress of Political Science, Madrid, 08. bis 12. Juli 2012] mehr
Hörisch, Felix (2012): Unternehmensmitbestimmung - Entstehung und ökonomische Auswirkungen im nationalen und internationalen Vergleich. [Kolloquium "MAN 901: Corporate Governance", Fakultät für Betriebswirtschaftslehre; Universität Mannheim, 19. Januar 2012] mehr
Hörisch, Felix (2012): What to do with all the money? A fsQCA-explanation of fiscal stimulus package measures during the 2008/2009 financial crisis. [ECPR-Joint Sessions Workshop “Methodological Advances, Bridges and Limits in the Application of Qualitative Comparative Analysis”, Antwerpen, 10. bis 15. April 2012] mehr
Hörisch, Felix, und Jakob Weber (2012): Capitalizing the Crisis? Explanatory factors for the design of short-time work across OECD-countries. [4th ECPR Graduate Conference, Bremen, 04. bis 06. Juli 2012] mehr
Jacob, Konstanze, und Frank Kalter (2012): Intergenerational Change in Religious Salience among Immigrant Families in Four European Countries. [European Population Conference "Gender, Policies and Population", Stockholm, 13. bis 16. Juni 2012] mehr
Jacob, Konstanze, und Frank Kalter (2012): The Intergenerational Transmission of Religiosity among Muslim Families in Four European Countries. [3rd NORFACE Migration Conference, Mannheim, 29. bis 31. März 2012] mehr