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Wendt, Claus (2005): Ideas, Actors and Institutions in Health Care Systems. [2005 ESPAnet Conference, Fribourg, 22. bis 24. September 2005] mehr
Wendt, Claus (2005): Reasons for high levels of satisfaction and trust. [Health Care Systems between Centralisation and Decentralisation, Universität Bielefeld, 12. Mai 2005] mehr
Wendt, Claus (2005): Trust in Just Health Care Systems?. [GSSS Conference on Social Justice, Bremen, 10. bis 12. März 2005] mehr
Wilde, Kerstin (2005): Democratic standards and the definition of accountability: The Case of the Lobbying-Regulation in the European Parliament. [Workshop 'Democracy and Accountability: identifying mediating conceptual tools', Warsaw, 30. September bis 04. Oktober 2005] mehr
Wilde, Kerstin (2005): The relation between Public Administrations and Civil Society Interests. [CONNEX User Workshop: 'Managing Interest Representation in the EU', Vilnius, 13. bis 15. Mai 2005] mehr
Wüst, Andreas M. (2005): A Missed Penalty? or: A Short Analysis of Germany's 2005 GE. [IGS and FES Election Conference, London, 21. Oktober 2005] mehr
Wüst, Andreas M., Hermann Schmitt, Daniel Lederle und Matthew Loveless (2005): Parties in European Parliament Elections: Issues, Framing, the EU, and the Question of Supply and Demand. [European Election Study 2004 conference, Budapest, 20. bis 22. Mai 2005] mehr
Zittel, Thomas (2005): Participatory Engineering: Can Democratic Reform increase Political Participation?. [Annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, Washington, DC, 31. August bis 04. September 2005] mehr
Zittel, Thomas (2005): Researching Electronic Democracy: Embedded Webanalysis. [Workshop zu Methoden der E-Demokratie Forschung, EUI, Florence, 28. bis 29. April 2005] mehr