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Balietti, Stefano, Duncan Watts, Lise Getoor und Dan Goldstein (2019): Shifting Attitudes Towards Wealth Redistribution: Is It All a Matter of Trust?. [5th International Conference on Computational Social Science IC2S2, Amsterdam, 17. bis 20. Juli 2019] mehr
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Bauer, Paul C. (2019): The Polarization of Trust in the European Parliament. [Workshop "Social Inequality and Value Polarization: A Cross-Country Perspective", St. Petersburg, 16. bis 18. September 2019] mehr
Bauer, Paul C. (2019): Trust and Cooperative Behavior: Evidence from the Realm of Data-sharing. [Think Causally! Experiments in Social Sciences. Farewell conference for Prof. Diego Gambetta, Florence, 01. Februar 2019] mehr
Bauer, Paul C. (2019): Visualizing Causal Scenarios and Planned Realized Measurements. [Workshop „Causal Inference in the Social Sciences“, Leipzig, 25. bis 26. Juli 2019] mehr
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Bauer, Paul C., Markus Freitag und Pascal Sciarini (2019): Political Trust in Switzerland: Again a Special Case?. S. 115-146 in: Jack Jedwab, John Kincaid (Hrsg.) Identities, Trust, and Cohesion in Federal Countries: Public Perspectives. Montreal, Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press. mehr
Bauer, Paul C., Sonja Malich und Vieri Pistocchi (2019): Polarization and Conflict: Evidence from School Classes. [Sixth International Meeting on Experimental and Behavioral Social Sciences (IMEBESS), Utrecht, 02. bis 04. Mai 2019] mehr
Behrens, Lion, Dominic Nyhuis und Thomas Gschwend (2019): Opposition strategies in legislative review: Tracing the strategic use of legislative amendments using syntax-aware automated text analysis. [9th Annual Conference of the European Political Science Association, Belfast, 20. bis 22. Juni 2019] mehr