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Ebert, Tobias, Jochen E. Gebauer, Thomas Brenner, Wiebke Bleidorn, Samuel D. Gosling, Jeff Potter und Peter Jason Rentfrow (2022): Are Regional Differences in Psychological Characteristics and their Correlates Robust? Applying Spatial Analysis Techniques to Examine Regional Variation in Personality. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 17, Heft 2, S. 407–441. mehr
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Ecker, Alejandro, Marcelo Jenny, Wolfgang C. Müller und Katrin Praprotnik (2022): How and why party position estimates from manifestos, expert, and party elite surveys diverge: a comparative analysis of the ‘left–right’and the ‘European integration’ dimensions. Party Politics, 28, Heft 3, S. 528-540. mehr
Ellerbrock, Simon (2022): Partisan Agreement and Disagreement in Voters' Discussant Networks: Contextual Constraints and Partisan Selectivity in a Changing Electorate. S. 143-164 in: Rüdier Schmitt-Beck, Sigrid Roßteutscher, Harald Schoen, Bernhard Weßels, Christof Wolf (Hrsg.) The Changing German Voter. Oxford: Oxford University Press. mehr
Elshehawy, Ashrakat, Konstantin Gavras, Nikolay Marinov, Federico Nanni und Harald Schoen (2022): Illiberal Communication and Election Intervention during the Refugee Crisis in Germany. Perspectives on Politics, 20, Heft 3, S. 860-878. mehr
Emmer, Christine, Julia Dorn und Jutta Mata (2022): The effect of discrimination on mental health: A meta-analysis of the causal evidence. [52nd Congress of the German Psychological Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie, DGPs), Hildesheim, 10. bis 15. September 2022] mehr
Engst, Benjamin G., Thomas Gschwend und Christoph Hönnige (2022): Who should be selected to the highest courts? Evidence from Survey Experiments in France, Germany and the United States. [ECPR General Conference, Innsbruck, 22. bis 26. August 2022] mehr
Engst, Benjamin, Thomas Gschwend, Christoph Hönnige und Sylvain Brouard (2022): Who should be selected to the highest courts? Evidence from survey experiments in France, Germany and the United States. [12th Annual Conference of the European Political Science Association, Prague, 23. bis 26. Juni 2022] mehr
Felderer, Barbara, und Annelies G. Blom (2022): Acceptance of the Automated Online Collection of Geographical Information. Sociological Methods and Research, 51, Heft 2, S. 866–886. mehr