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Dollmann, Jörg, und Frida Rudolphi (2012): Classroom Composition and Achievement: Do Contexts or Friends Matter More?. [ECSR/EQUALSOC Conference: Economic Change, Quality of Life and Social Cohesion, Stockholm, 24. bis 26. September 2012] mehr
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Drahokoupil, Jan, und Stefan Domonkos (2012): Averting the Funding-Gap Crisis: East European Pension Reforms since 2008. [Espanet 10th Annual Conference, Edinburgh, 06. bis 08. September 2012] mehr
Drahokoupil, Jan, und Stefan Domonkos (2012): Averting the funding–gap crisis: East European pension reforms after 2008. Global Social Policy, 12, Heft 3, S. 283-299. mehr
Däubler, Thomas, und Séin Ó Muineacháin (2012): Candidate versus party-based campaigning under PR-STV. Fiánna Fail and Fine Gael candidates in the 2011 Irish General Election. [Political Studies Association of Ireland Annual Conference, Londonderry/Derry, 19. bis 21. Oktober 2012] mehr
Däubler, Thomas, Kenneth Benoit, Slava Mikhaylov und Michael Laver (2012): Natural Sentences as Valid Units for Coded Political Texts. British Journal of Political Science, 42, Heft 4, S. 937-951. mehr
Däubler, Thomas, Marc Debus und Jochen Müller (2012): Battle over bases: German military reform between partisan interests and economic constraints. [European Political Science Association Annual Conference, Berlin, 21. bis 23. Juni 2012] mehr
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2012): Comparing Welfare State Regimes: Are Typologies an Ideal or Realistic Strategy?. [ESPAnet Conference, Edinburgh, 06. bis 08. September 2012] mehr
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2012): Europe’s Transformations Towards a Renewed Pension System. S. 182-205 in: Giuliano Bonoli, David Natali (Hrsg.) The Politics of the New Welfare State. Oxford: Oxford University Press. mehr