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Adendorf, Anna, Ines Rehbein, Oke Bahnsen, Thomas Gschwend, Simone Paolo Ponzetto und Lukas Stoetzer (2021): Who wants to go with whom? Identifying coalition signals in newspaper articles using transfer learning. [11th Annual Meeting of the European Political Science Association, (virtual conference), 23. bis 25. Juni 2021] mehr
Adendorf, Anna, Markus Baumann und Rosa M. Navarrete (2021): Tweeting Out Loud. Coalition Signals in Social Media. [11th Annual Meeting of the European Political Science Association, (virtual conference), 23. bis 25. Juni 2021] mehr
Amaya, Ashley, Ruben L. Bach, Frauke Kreuter und Florian Keusch (2021): Measuring the Strength of Attitudes in Social Media Data. S. 163-192 in: Craig Hil, Paul P. Biemer, Trent Buskirk, Lilli Japec, Antje Kirchner, Stas Kolenikov, Lars E. Lyberg (Hrsg.) Big Data Meets Survey Science: A Collection of Innovative Methods. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. mehr
Ariaans, Mareike, Philipp Linden und Claus Wendt (2021): Worlds of long-term care: A typology of OECD countries. Health Policy, 125, Heft 5, S. 609-617. mehr
Auer, Daniel, und Johannes Kunz (2021): Communication Barriers and Infant Health: Intergenerational Effects of Randomly Allocating Refugees Across Language Regions. Essen [GLO Discussion Paper; 867] mehr
Bach, Ruben L., Christoph Kern, Ashley Amaya, Florian Keusch, Frauke Kreuter, Jan Hecht und Jonathan Heinemann (2021): Predicting voting behavior using digital trace data. Social Science Computer Review, 39, Heft 5, S. 862–883. mehr
Bahnsen, Oke, Ulrich Müller und Georg Alpers (2021): Anxiety does not Change Political Attitudes. A Threat of Shock Experiment. [1st Conference of the Centre for Analysis and Research in the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Berlin, 16. bis 17. September 2021] mehr
Balietti, Stefano (2021): Technical Perspective: Does Your Experiment Smell?. Communications of the ACM, 64, Heft 9, S. 107. mehr
Balietti, Stefano, und Christoph Riedl (2021): Incentives, Competition, and Inequality in Markets for Creative Production. Research Policy, 50, Heft 4, (article no. 104212). mehr
Balietti, Stefano, Brennan Klein und Christoph Riedl (2021): Optimal design of experiments to identify latent behavioral types. Experimental Economics, 24, Heft 3, S. 772-799. mehr