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Weißmann, Markus, Jörg Dollmann und Irena Kogan (2023): Educational and school-to-work pathways of majority and ethnic minority youth in Germany: Direct links and detours. S. 82-104 in: Merike Darmody, Emer Smyth (Hrsg.) Post-school Pathways of Migrant-Origin Youth in Europe. 1. Aufl., London: Routledge. mehr
Wenz, Alexander, und Florian Keusch (2023): How to increase the acceptance of mobile app and sensor data collection?. [AAPOR 78th Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA, 10. bis 12. Mai 2023] mehr
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Wenz, Alexander, Florian Keusch und Ruben L. Bach (2023): Assessing the quality of digital behavioral data for measuring smartphone use. [4th MASS Workshop, Manchester, UK, 22. Juni 2023] mehr
Wuttke, Alexander, Christian Schimpf und Harald Schoen (2023): Populist Citizens in four European Countries: Widespread Dissatisfaction goes with Contradictory but Pro-democratic Regime Preferences. Swiss Political Science Review, 29, Heft 2, S. 246-257. mehr
Abou-Chadi, Tarik, Denis Cohen und Markus Wagner (2022): The centre-right versus the radical right: the role of migration issues and economic grievances. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies: Special Issue: Centre-right Parties and Immigration in an Era of Politicization, 48, Heft 2, S. 366-384. mehr
Adendorf, Anna (2022): Topic Order in Election Manifestos. How the Order of Policy Issues Affects Voters' Perceptions of Parties' Key Issues. [European Politics Online Workshop, (virtual workshop), 12. April 2022] mehr
Adendorf, Anna, und Christoffer Florczak (2022): Where Is My Party Now? New Data on Media Coverage of Parties' Ideological Positions Before Elections. Mannheim mehr
Alam, Mehwish, Andreea Iana, Alexander Grote, Katharina Ludwig, Philipp Müller und Heiko Paulheim (2022): Towards Analyzing the Bias of News Recommender Systems Using Sentiment and Stance Detection. [2nd International Workshop on Knowledge Graphs for Online Discourse Analysis (BeyondFacts’22), Lyon, 25. bis 29. April 2022] mehr