MZES 25th Anniversary Conference and Celebration: Nov 14-15, 2014

New Frontiers in European Social Research

Since its foundation the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES) has focused on comparative research on European societies, their political systems, and on the overall process of European integration. The MZES anniversary was a perfect occasion to evaluate the current state of the art of comparative research and to outline the most urgent needs and the most promising directions.

At the MZES 25th Anniversary Conference, leading international scholars discussed the major future challenges and opportunities of European Social Research. The invited talks were complemented by presentations stemming from ongoing core MZES projects.

Both the conference and the anniversary celebration in the evening of November 14 took place at the Rittersaal of the Mannheim Palace, University of Mannheim.

For photographs, video, and further information please see "Documentation".




Friday, Nov 14

Location: Rittersaal | Mannheim Palace | University of Mannheim

7.30 pm



Welcoming Remarks


Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden, Rector of the University of Mannheim


Peter Kurz, Lord Mayor of the City of Mannheim


Theresia Bauer, Baden-Württemberg Minister of Science, Research and the Arts




Karl Ulrich Mayer, Member of the University’s Supervisory Board and Former President of the Leibniz Association


Reception – Food, Drinks, and Music

(Location: Gartensaal)



Friday, Nov 14

Location: Rittersaal | Mannheim Palace | University of Mannheim

Preliminary Programme Part I

9.30 am




Richard Breen (Yale University):
Heterogeneous Causal Effects and Sample Selection Bias

10.30 am

Coffee Break

11.00 am

Market Institutions, Labour Relations, and Welfare State Regulations


Chaired by Johannes Berger (University of Mannheim)


Claus Wendt (University of Siegen):
Comparing Healthcare Systems and Health Outcomes


Bernhard Ebbinghaus, Sebastian Koos (MZES):
Changing Welfare States and Labour Relations

12.15 pm

Political Behaviour and Civic Orientations


Chaired by Jan van Deth (MZES)


Patricia Moy (University of Washington):
The Contours of Citizenship: Exploring Conceptual and Empirical Opportunities


Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck, Yannis Theocharis (MZES):
Active Citizenship and Political Communication

1.30 pm

Lunch Break

2.30 pm

Social Inequalities and Social Stratification


Chaired by Walter Müller (MZES)


Yossi Shavit (Tel Aviv University):
Educational Stratification: A Positional Perspective


Irena Kogan, Nicole Tieben (MZES):
Current Debates in Stratification Research

3.45 pm

Coffee Break

4.15 pm

Political Institutions: Parties, Parliaments, and Governments


Chaired by Franz Urban Pappi (MZES)


Kenneth Benoit (London School of Economics):
Advances in the Empirical Study of Party Competition:
Assessing 30 Years of Progress


Thomas Bräuninger, Thomas Däubler (MZES):
Electoral Systems and the Behaviour of Parliamentary Representatives

7.30 pm



Saturday, Nov 15

Location: Rittersaal | Mannheim Palace | University of Mannheim

Preliminary Programme Part II

9.30 am

Migration and Ethnic Diversity


Chaired by Hartmut Esser (MZES)


Claudia Diehl (University of Konstanz):
Ethnic Boundaries and the Integration of Immigrants


Frank Kalter, Hanno Kruse (MZES):
Ethnic Inequalities and the Dynamics of Social Networks

10.45 am

Coffee Break

11.15 am

Multi-level Governance and Europeanization


Chaired by Beate Kohler-Koch (MZES)


Gerald Schneider (University of Konstanz):
Does the Financial Crisis Threaten the European Union?


Thomas König, Anne Wetzel (MZES):
Challenges of European Integration

12.30 pm

Closing Remarks


Irena Kogan, Marc Debus, Heads of MZES Research Departments A and B