Database ‘The Central and East European Population since 1850’


The data base comprises annual time series and cross sectional data on population structure, demographic developments, synthetic demographic indicators, life expectancy and household and family structures for 21 Central and East European countries from 1850 to 2000/5 at the national level. Population size, population distribution and population density are also included at the regional level. Data cover the following countries: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia with Central Serbia, Kosovo/ Metohija and Vojvodina, Slovenia, Soviet Union, Turkey, Ukraine and Yugoslavia.

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The project was exclusively conducted at the MZES.
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Rothenbacher, Franz (2012): The Central and East European Population since 1850. Online database. Mannheim: MZES.
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