Informal Governance in the European Union: A Challenge to Legitimacy?

15.10.2015 (All day) to 16.10.2015 (All day)
Location : 
A 5,6 Raum A 231
Type of Event : 

MZES Postdoc Conference organized by Doreen Allerkamp, Anne Wetzel, and Nikoleta Yordanova

Guests are welcome; please send an email to IGWorkshop [at] For the full programme of the event, please see pdf below.

Decision-making in and around the EU has experienced a steady process of informalisation over the past two decades, extending beyond the traditional bilateral consultations to ad-hoc collaboration among EU member states and institutions in a variety of informal constellations across policy fields and for activities ranging from everyday negotiations to international crisis diplomacy and large-scale fiscal bailouts. At the same time, academic interest in informal institutions and informal decision-making is increasing. The contributors to this workshop explore various instances of such un-codified, unenforceable forms of decision-making in the EU context, their development, outcomes and implications for the input-, throughput- and/or output-legitimacy of EU governance. The central question is whether informal governance creates additional challenges for the EU’s overall legitimacy – already burdened by the allegation of a democratic deficit – or can instead improve it?