Predictions for Anti-Immigrant Parties in Western Europe: talk by Dr. Nate Breznau at the ALUM conference in Beirut, Lebanon

Conference of the Alliance of Leading Universities on Migration (ALUM) at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon: Dr. Nate Breznau discusses the future of anti-immigrant parties in Western Europe (see link below).

Conference Outline:

"With this conference, members of the Alliance of Lead Universities on Migration (ALUM) aim to present and deliberate the critical role that universities can play in the current refugee crisis in Lebanon, and how they can ameliorate the situation of refugees by providing realistic ideas and policy proposals to the multiple challenges refugees face in their current predicament. We will be focusing on the implications of the ongoing challenging political context related to the current migration/displacement of so many people, and how the current public perception has been evolving over the years. We will also focus on the various health challenges facing refugees, including nutrition and basic healthcare provision. A crucial point that will be discussed is education, and the challenges refugees face in accessing primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Lastly, we will explore the role the private sector can play in job creation for those that are displaced. ALUM is a unique collaboration among lead universities in Europe and frontier countries in the Middle East and North Africa, forging an alliance to help bridge the gap between research and policy in the management of the current migrant and refugee crisis. ALUM’s network identifies the key units and researchers ready and willing to contribute their expertise to work across national and disciplinary boundaries towards evidence-based policy solutions. (…)"

(November 30, 2017)

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