Politics and Policy: Voting for the best of both worlds

Thursday, 14. May 2020
The Edge Markets / The Edge Malaysia Weekly

"(...) 'The current electoral system is playing into identity politics. In order to get elected, you need to get a majority of votes in your district, that’s all,' he says. Gschwend, who was in Malaysia to share his research on electoral systems with the Electoral Reform Committee, explains that in a PR system, parties have to nominate a number of candidates to a party list which voters can vote for. Parties would adopt different strategies to get experts in different fields such as social, economic and foreign policy matters to join them, he says, as they need to have specialists who are able to present ideas and draft policies. In a PR system, for parties to attract enough support from a broad voter base, dwelling on issues related to identity would not be enough, says Gschwend. (...)"

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