Working at MZES

The MZES offers numerous opportunities for young scholars. Graduates participate in research projects and colloquia and are encouraged to join workshops and conferences. The MZES works together with the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS) of the University of Mannheim. In addition, numerous student assistants participate in MZES research projects.

The Welcome Centre at the University of Mannheim offers all-inclusive guidance and consultation for international researchers and scholars (doctoral students, post-docs, professors and visiting scholars).

The Department of Gender Equality and Social Diversity is the central point of contact for questions about equal opportunities in all employment areas.

The MZES Equal Opportunity Concept (updated in June 2023) provides information on the measures taken by the MZES to pursue gender equality, promote social diversity, and further develop intersectional diversity as a source of innovation and research excellence.

  • Contact the MZES Equal Opportunities Representatives: mzes-equal-opportunities [at]
  • Contact the MZES Staff Representatives: mzes-staff-representatives [at]