Assessing the Effectiveness of Immigration and Integration Policies in Europe and Beyond

Research question/goal: 

This research project is a comprehensive, multi-dimensional, and multi-method study aiming at assessing the effectiveness of immigration and integration policies for immigrants’ integration in the European countries and in other major immigrant-accepting societies. With the help of a comparative research design and several complementary data sources, the project first evaluates to what degree host countries’ integration policies are translated into immigrants’ actual participation in integration programmes. Second, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of the influence of such policies on immigrants’ labour market insertion, both from objective and subjective perspectives. Finally, we explore the role of the host-country’s institutional settings in mediating effects of policies at the individual level. We apply both large-scale and more in-depth oriented quantitative assessments, along with integrating cross-section and panel-data methods in order to arrive at a more comprehensive understanding of the analysed phenomenon.

Fact sheet

2015 to 2018
Data Sources: 
2008 EULFS Ad hoc module, country-specific panel data
Geographic Space: 
Western Europe, North America, Australia