Cooperation with the Institute for European Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Research question/goal: 

This special research cooperation programme will be completed by the end of 2007. The European Union was explored as a potential model for the process of political and economic integration. Research concentrated on issues such as state building, multi-level governance, the transformation of welfare systems, and different aspects of foreign affairs. Eight Chinese guest researchers stayed at the MZES for 1 to 9 months and worked on related topics under the supervision of the German project participant. Furthermore, several conferences and a graduate course were organized in China with the active involvement of German researchers.

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EU / European Studies Centres Programme
2001 to 2007
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Europe, China



Larat, Fabrice (2005): Ou Zhou Yi Ti Hua Shi [Chinese edition of “Histoire politique de l’intégration européenne” enlarged with documents on the history of European integration]. Beijing: China Social Sciences Press. more