Data Handbook on Household and Family Statistics in Germany 1815-1990

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The main purpose of the project is to provide a documentation of official statistics in the field of household and family statistics and the construction of long and comparable time series. Household and family data have been strongly regionalized for the German territories. The data handbook was published in 1997 by Campus (Frankfurt) under the title "Historische Haushalts- und Familienstatistik von Deutschland 1815-1990". The long time series build the basis for the analysis of long developmental processes (e.g. logistic growth processes). Furthermore, the data handbook can also be used to answer theoretical questions in the field of social and family change, such as the creation of the modern nuclear family, e.g. In addition, the data handbook builds the basis for an analytical description of the development of households and families during the process of modernization in the 19th and 20th century, which will be written by the same author.

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1989 to 1992
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German Federal States, German Empire, Federal Republic of Germany



Rothenbacher, Franz (1997): Historische Haushalts- und Familienstatistik von Deutschland 1815-1990. Frankfurt/NewYork: Campus Verlag. more