Majoritarian Democracy and Institutional Reform. A Comparative Study of Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand

Research question/goal: 

The project has two parts. It first develops a concept for analysing processes of institutional reform in democratic political systems. It then applies this concept to four political systems which have been selected according to a most similar cases design. The project's main aim is to show that institutional reform processes cannot satisfactorily be explained by focussing on contextual pressures for adaptation. More important are the interests of political actors that shape the reform agenda and its outcome.

Fact sheet

Uni Mannheim u. a
1996 to 2000
Data Sources: 
Semistructured elite interviews, content analysis of documen
Geographic Space: 
Australia. Britain, Canada, New Zealand



Kaiser, André (2002): Mehrheitsdemokratie und Institutionenreform: verfassungspolitischer Wandel in Australien, Großbritannien, Kanada und Neuseeland im Vergleich. Frankfurt am Main: Campus. [Mannheimer Beiträge zur politischen Soziologie und positiven politischen Theorie; 4] more