Old Age Securtiy in the European Union

Research question/goal: 

The project proposal was developed in 1993 by Peter Flora in cooperation with Franz Kraus and Franz Rothenbacher. The major aim of the project is a systematic description and empirical analysis of the institutional configurations of old age security systems in the Member States of the European Union, their modes of financing and trends in the level and structure of old-age benefits. A second object is to use the project for a systematic development of the MZES European Library (including the statistics library) in the field of social security and to provide an overview of social security reporting systems of international organisations. With the appointment of Jürgen Kohl as a professor at the University of Heidelberg in 1995, the project was moved to the University of Heidelberg.

Fact sheet

1994 to 1997
Data Sources: 
Aggregate data (time series), micro data (LIS) and qualitati
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