Political Cultures and European Integration

Research question/goal: 

The project analyses the impact of the diversity of cultural identities and political attitudes on European integration. In a moment of decisive thrust towards political integration, the diversity of Europe appears as a crucial factor, with national cultures and political attitudes coming together in a forming system. The project focuses on several dimensions of cultural diversity, such as 1) ethnicity, language, religion, 2) the role of nation-states in creating identities and styles of participation, 3) state traditions and citizenship, 4) traditions of self-government and 'civicness'. The project evaluates the impact of cultural diversity on the type of integration: 1) the institutional architecture of the EU; 2) cleavage constellations and party system; 3) identity formation. The project is comparative and covers EU member-states (including the new Central and East European countries).

Fact sheet

2003 to 2005
Data Sources: 
Official documents, Interviews, Survey data, Socio-economic
Geographic Space: 
Western and Central Europe



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