Public View on Benefits for the Unemployed

Research question/goal: 

The main research issue of this project is to complete the understanding of the social acceptance of programmes for unemployed on the basis of an established concept of social acceptance. For explaining the distrubution of varying attitudes in the population it is useful to distiguish between three different groups: first of all employed people who finance the benefits (I), furthermore the unemployed who get the benefits (II) and finally persons who neither finance the systems nor gain any benefits (III). In analyzing the varying attitudes of these groups special interest is given to distinct factors influencing the social acceptance of the programs. The focus hereby is set on structural factors (like different amounts of redistributions caused by programs or different criteria of elegibility) on the one hand and the impact of interests and values (like personal moral standards and beliefs of justice) on the other hand.

Fact sheet

2000 to 2003
Data Sources: 
quantitative survey
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