Projects from Fourth Research Programme (1999-2002)

RP4 A The European Societies and their Integration

RP4 B European Political Systems and Their Integration

RP4 A1 Development of Social Structures in European Societies:
RP4 A2 Migration, Integration, and Ethnic Conflict:
RP4 A3 Family and the Welfare State in Europe:
RP4 A4 Intermediary Structures and the Welfare State in Europe:
RP4 A5 Cultural Foundations of the Market Economy and the Welfare State:
RP4 B1 Participation and Electoral Decisions:
RP4 B2 Governance in Europe:
RP4 B3 Development of a European Regional System:
RP4 B4 Institutionalization of International Negotiation Systems:
RP4 B5 Nation-Building in Europe: