Projects from Fifth Research Programme (2002-2004)

RP5 A European Societies and their Integration

Research in research department A generally focuses on analysis of social structures and welfare organizations in modern societies. The projects study the cultural, social, economic and welfare-state-based foundations of living conditions in Europe, their change and their variation in different European societies.

Concrete research areas are social inequality, especially in the fields of education and the labour market, the development of welfare state organizations, migration and interethnic relations, the moral foundations of societal integration and the development of family and kinship relations.

RP5 B European Political Systems and their Integration

Research Department B combines comparative research on European national political systems with research on European integration.

The first three research areas focus on comparative politics (political participation and voting behavior, political parties, electoral systems), research area 4 focuses on the political system of the European Union, area 5 on the international embeddedness of European governance, research area 6 on the institutionalization of international negotiation systems and research area 7 on the development of a further European regional system in Eastern Europe.

RP5 I1 Service Projects of the Infrastructure