The Europeanization of Domestic Coalition Politics

Research question/goal: 

Theoretically, the Europeanization may change the characteristics of the domestic legislative processes in di?erent directions. Following Moravcsik (1997), the executive can exploit Europeanization and increase governmental agenda-setting power, which should raise the adoption rate of governmental proposals. However, when the governmental executive is expected to gain agenda-setting powers by Europeanization, the risk of ministerial drift should be higher for governmental proposals with a European reference. According to Martin and Vanberg (2004; 2005), parliaments are more likely to challenge and amend governmental proposals when the risk of ministerial drift is high. If this is true, parliaments would not lose power by Europeanization because they pay more attention to ministerial drift and hostile proposals. In order to answer these questions empirically I plan to combine a comprehensive legislative database including detailed information on the legislation of several member states.

This project was discontinued because of the departure of the project director.

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2012 to 2014
Data Sources: 
Legislative statistics
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Western Europe