The Knowledge Network on Racism Research – Exchange and Further Development of Racism Research. Subproject: Regional Network South (WinRa)

Research question/goal: 

The Knowledge Network on Racism Research (WinRa) aims to connect and strategically strengthen existing racism research in Germany through a research-led, interdisciplinary exchange. Furthermore, WinRa aims at regional strengthening and profile building of interdisciplinary research and teaching contexts for new impulses at the universities and the respective disciplines as well as strengthening and integrating the promotion of young researchers. Finally, exchange between research on right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism and research on integration, migration, and flight is encouraged. Together with the University of Bayreuth, the MZES is responsible for the regional network south and racism research in social science.

Current stage: 

We are currently working on a systematic inventory of racism research in southern Germany (Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland) and evaluating curricula and projects at state and private universities. We are also planning a conference, to be hosted by the University of Bayreuth, which will address empirical research on racism in different areas from a multidisciplinary perspective.

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2022 to 2028
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