Why Does Person-Culture Fit Benefit Psychological Health? A Comprehensive Test of Competing Explanations

Research question/goal: 

Person-culture (PC) fit is the match or similarity between a person and their culture. PC fit benefits psychological health according to much research in psychology and sociology. It is utterly unclear, however, why PC fit confers those benefits. Stated otherwise, research is lacking on the psychological mechanisms that drive the effect of PC fit on psychological health. This project provides a much-needed empirical test of those psychological mechanisms. To this end, the project utilizes experiments, experience sampling, and cross-cultural panel studies. The project is timely because it furthers the basic understanding of PC fit – a key concept in psychology and sociology alike. The project is also timely because it carries implications for pressing societal challenges—namely, pursuing PC fit/escaping PC misfit is a major source of migration.

Fact sheet

2020 to 2024
in preparation
Data Sources: 
laboratory experiments, experience sampling, cross-cultural panel studies
Geographic Space: 
worldwide, primarily Germany