Journal articles in press (ordered by input date)

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Antoun, Christopher, Mick P. Couper, Florian Keusch, Frauke Kreuter and Bella Struminskaya (In Press): Willingness to participate in passive mobile data collection. Public Opinion Quarterly. more
Couper, Mick, Frauke Kreuter, Joseph W. Sakshaug, Alexandra Schmucker and Eleanor Singer (In Press): A note on the framing and placement of the linkage consent question. Public Opinion Quarterly. more
Felderer, Barbara, Antje Kirchner and Frauke Kreuter (In Press): The effect of survey mode on data quality: Disentangling nonresponse and measurement error bias. Journal of Official Statistics. more
LaMarre, Heather L., and Christiane Grill (In Press): Satirical narrative processing: A focus on the influence of involvement, character liking, and enjoyment on narrative consistent attitudes. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, (publ. online before print). more
Jacob, Konstanze (In Press): Intergenerational transmission in religiosity in immigrant and native families: the role of transmission opportunities and perceived transmission benefits. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, (publ. online before print). more
Breznau, Nate, and Carola Hommerich (In Press): The limits of inequality: Public support for social policy across rich democracies. International Journal of Social Welfare, (publ. online before print). more
McCLain, Colleen A., Mick P. Couper, Andrew L. Hupp, Florian Keusch, Gregg Peterson, Andrew D. Piskorowski and Brady T. West (In Press): A typology of web survey paradata for assessing total survey error. Social Science Computer Review, (publ. online before print). more
Tuttnauer, Or (In Press): Government–opposition relations in a fragmented, personalized, and multidimensional setting: The case of Israel. Party Politics, (publ. online before print). more
Stötzer, Lukas F., Marcel Neunhoeffer, Thomas Gschwend, Simon Munzert and Sebastian Sternberg (In Press): Forecasting Elections in Multi-Party Systems: A Bayesian Approach combining Polls and Fundamentals. Political Analysis, (publ. online before print). more
Jacob, Konstanze (In Press): Intergenerational Transmission in Religiosity in Immigrant and Native Families: The Role of Transmission Opportunities and Perceived Transmission Benefits. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, (publ. online before print). more