Journal articles in press (ordered by input date)

(In many cases published online before print. Klick » more for details.)

Weber, Hannes, and Jennifer Dabbs Sciubba (In Press): The Effect of Population Growth on the Environment: Evidence from European Regions. European Journal of Population, (publ. online before print). more
Ebert, Tobias, Thomas Brenner and Udo Brixy (In Press): New Firm Survival: The Interdependence between Regional Externalities and Innovativeness. Small Business Economics, (publ. online before print). more
Wuttke, Alexander, Andreas Jungherr and Harald Schoen (In Press): More than opinion expression: Secondary effects of intraparty referendums on party members. Party Politics, (publ. online before print). more
Ecker, Alejandro, and Thomas M. Meyer (In Press): Coalition bargaining duration in multiparty democracies. British Journal of Political Science, (first published online). more
Stark, Tobias, Henning Silber, Jon A. Krosnick, Annelies G. Blom, Midori Aoyagi, Ana Belchior, Michael Bosnjak, Sanne Lund Clement, Anne Cornilleau, Anne-Sophie Cousteaux, Melvin John, Guðbjörg Andrea Jónsdóttir, Karen Lawson, Peter Lynn, Johan Martinsson, Ditte Shamshiri-Petersen, Endre Tvinnereim and Ruoh-rong Yu (In Press): Generalization of Classic Question Order Effects across Cultures. Sociological Methods and Research, (publ. online before print). more