Michael Jankowski, Anna-Sophie Kurella, Christian Stecker, Andreas Blätte, Thomas Bräuninger, Marc Debus, Jochen Müller, Susanne Pickel
Die Positionen der Parteien zur Bundestagswahl 2021: Ergebnisse des Open Expert Surveys

Politische Vierteljahresschrift/German Political Science Quarterly, 2022: 63, pp. 53-72
ISSN: 0032-3470 (print), 1862-2860 (online)

In this research note, we present the main findings from the Open Expert Survey 2021 (OES2021). We conducted this expert survey prior to the German General Election of 2021. More than 300 political scientists participated. The experts provided estimates for the relevant German parties on various dimensions and policy issues. They also assessed the salience of specific topics for the parties. Two aspects make the OES21 stand out against other expert surveys. First, it provides party placements on multiple issues, many of which are not asked in existing expert surveys. Second, the number of experts is comparatively large, allowing to analyze in greater detail how expert characteristics affect party placement.