Matthias Hau, Marc Helbling, Maya Tudor, Andreas Wimmer, Daphne Halikiopoulou
The Consequences of Nationalism: A scholarly exchange

Nations and Nationalism, 2023: 29, issue 3, pp. 810–830
ISSN: 1354-5078 (print), 1469-8129 (online)

The main thrust of the scholarship on nationalism has so far been concerned with its origins. But nationalism also has effects. Whether it underpins the nation-building efforts of states, is mobilised by counter-state forces or is used in everyday life, nationalism might implicate a wide range of substantive outcomes, including political regimes, public goods provision, citizenship and immigration laws, and different patterns of conflict. Yet—with a few notable exceptions—the consequences of nationalism have received significantly less scholarly attention. In response, the aim of this Exchange is to create a new dialogue between different strands of scholarship around what we know and do not know about the consequences of nationalism. We organise this Exchange around the following questions: (1) What is nationalism? (2) How can we measure nationalism? (3) What are the consequences of nationalism? (4) What are new research frontiers?