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Frauke Kreuter
What surveys really say
S. 614-615
Joseph W. Sakshaug, Alexandra Schmucker, Frauke Kreuter, Mick P. Couper, Leonie Holtmann
Respondent understanding of data linkage consent
S. (e-only)
Brady T. West, Ting Yan, Frauke Kreuter, Michael Josten, Heather Schroeder
Examining the Utility of Interviewer Observations on the Survey Response Process
S. 117-131 (eBook), 107-120 (print)
Boca Raton
Chapman and Hall/CRC
Joseph W. Sakshaug, Jens Stegmaier, Mark Trappmann, Frauke Kreuter
Does Benefit Framing Improve Record Linkage Consent Rates? A Survey Experiment
S. 289-304
Christoph Kern, Thomas Klausch, Frauke Kreuter
Tree-based machine learning methods for survey research
S. 73-93
Frauke Kreuter
Understanding Data Generating Processes
Los Angeles, CA
Ulrich Kohler, Frauke Kreuter, Elisabeth A. Stuart
Nonprobability sampling and causal analysis
S. 149-172
Brady T. West, Frederick G. Conrad, Frauke Kreuter, Felicitas Mittereder
Can Conversational Interviewing Improve Survey Response Quality without Increasing Interviewer Effects?
S. 181–203
Andrew W. Mercer, Frauke Kreuter, Scott Keeter, Elizabeth A. Stuart
Theory and practice in non-probability surveys: parallels between causal inference and survey inference
S. 250-271
Daniel Oberski, Antje Kirchner, Stephanie Eckman, Frauke Kreuter
Evaluating the Quality of Survey and Administrative Data with Generalized Multitrait-Multimethod Models
S. 1477-1489
Rachel Horwitz, Frauke Kreuter, Frederick G. Conrad
Using Mouse Movements to Predict Web Survey Response Difficulty
S. 388–405