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Elias Naumann, Marvin Marcus Brinkmann, Katja Möhring
The ethnic penalty in welfare deservingness: A factorial survey experiment on welfare chauvinism in pension attitudes in Germany
S. 190-202
Samir Khalil, Elias Naumann
Does Contact with Foreigners Reduce Worries about Immigration? A Longitudinal Analysis in Germany
S. 189–201
Elias Naumann, Moritz Hess
Population Ageing, Immigration and the Welfare State: The Political Demography in Western Europe
S. 351-371
Palgrave Macmillan
Elias Naumann, Samir Khalil
Does Contact with Migrants Reduce Worries about Immigration? A Longitudinal Analysis of Public Attitudes towards Migration in Germany
Elias Naumann, Marvin Marcus Brinkmann
Explaining support for welfare chauvinism: how immigrants’ status and citizenship affect natives’ preference to exclude immigrants from access to social assistance and unemployment benefits
(virtual conference)
Marvin Marcus Brinkmann, Elias Naumann
Explaining Support for Welfare Chauvinism – How Immigrants’ Status and Citizenship Affect Natives’ Preferences to Exclude Immigrants from Access to Social Assistance and Unemployment Benefits
(virtual conference)