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Kretschmer, David, and Lars Leszczensky (2021): Strong ties, strong homophily? Variation in uni- and multidimensional homophily on socio-demographic characteristics by relationship strength. [AS 3rd Conference. Cohesive Societies? Analytical-empirical Perspectives, (virtual conference), September 29th to October 01st, 2021] more
Kuppler, Matthias, Christoph Kern, Ruben L. Bach and Frauke Kreuter (2021): Distributive Justice and Fairness Metrics in Automated Decision-making: How Much Overlap Is There?. Ithaca, NY [arXiv preprint] more
Landesvatter, Camille, and Paul C. Bauer (2021): Web Probing and Automated Text Analysis: New Tools for Sociologists?. [Gemeinsamer Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie und der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Soziologie 2021, (virtual conference), August 23rd to August 25th, 2021] more
Lin, Nick, and Roni Lehrer (2021): Everything to everyone and the conditioning effect of intraparty cohesion: A replication in a cross-national context. Party Politics, 27, issue 5, pp. 909–916. more
Lindstam, Emmy, Matthias Mader and Harald Schoen (2021): Conceptions of National Identity and Ambivalence towards Immigration. British Journal of Political Science, 51, issue 1, pp. 93-114. more
Löb, Charlotte, and Hartmut Wessler (2021): Mediated Deliberation in Deep Conflicts: How Might Deliberative Media Content Contribute to Social Integration Across Deep Divides?. Journal of Deliberative Democracy, 17, issue 2, pp. 69-80. more
Mader, Matthias, Maria Pesthy and Harald Schoen (2021): Conceptions of national identity, turnout and party preference: Evidence from Germany. Nations and Nationalism, 27, issue 3, pp. 638-655. more
Malich, Sonja, Florian Keusch, Sebastian Bähr, Georg-Christoph Haas, Frauke Kreuter, Mark Trappmann and Frank Faulbaum (2021): Mobile Datenerhebung in einem Panel. Die IAB-SMART Studie. Pp. 45-69 in: Tobias Wolbring, Heinz Leitgöb (Eds.) Sozialwissenschaftliche Datenerhebung im digitalen Zeitalter. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. more
Malich, Sonja, Sebastian Bähr, Georg-Christoph Haas, Florian Keusch, Frauke Kreuter and Mark Trappmann (2021): Auswertung von Smartphone-Daten für die Sozialforschung. [Gemeinsamer Kongress der DGS und der ÖGS "Post-Corona-Gesellschaft? Pandemie, Krise und ihre Folgen , (virtual conference), August 23rd to August 25th, 2021] more
Mata, Jutta, Alexander Wenz, Tobias Rettig, Maximiliane Reifenscheid, Katja Möhring, Ulrich Krieger, Sabine Friedel, Marina Fikel, Carina Cornesse, Annelies G. Blom and Elias Naumann (2021): Health behaviors and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic: A longitudinal population-based survey in Germany. Social Science & Medicine, 287, issue October 2021, (article no. 114333). more