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Struminskaya, Bella, and Florian Keusch (2021): Concerns about privacy when sharing data collected using smartphones. [AAPOR 76th Annual Conference, (virtual conference), May 11th to May 14th, 2021] more
Struminskaya, Bella, and Florian Keusch (2021): The role of technological skills and privacy concerns in willingness to share smartphone sensor data. [2nd Mobile Apps and Sensors in Surveys (MASS) Workshop, (virtual conference), April 22nd to April 23rd, 2021] more
Sun, Hanyu, Frederick G. Conrad and Frauke Kreuter (2021): The Relationship between Interviewer-Respondent Rapport and Data Quality. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, 9, issue 3, pp. 429–448. more
Talebi, Nader, Julia Kleinewiese, Herbert Brücker, Ali Niroumand, Ramona Rischke, Firoozeh Farvardin and Golriz Esmaeilpour (2021): (Anti)racism among immigrants in Germany: A transnational approach. [DeZIM Conference on Racism Research, (virtual conference), January 28th, 2021] more
Tosun, Jale, and Marc Debus (2021): Operationalising and Explaining Environmental Policy Styles. Pp. 123-134 in: Michael Howlett, Jale Tosun (Eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Policy Styles. Abingdon, New York: Routledge. more
Tosun, Jale, and Marc Debus (2021): Right-wing populist parties and environmental politics: Insights from the Austrian Freedom Party’s support for the glyphosate ban. Environmental Politics, 30, issue 1-2, pp. 224-244. more
Tuttnauer, Or, and Chen Friedberg (2021): Israel: Legislative Debates in a Personalized Parliament. Pp. 484–504 in: H. Back, M. Debus, J.M. Fernandes (Eds.) The Politics of Legislative Debates. Oxford: Oxford University Press. more
van der Brug, Wouter, Sebastian Adrian Popa, Sarah B. Hobolt and Hermann Schmitt (2021): Illiberal democratic attitudes and support for European integration. Politics, 41, issue 4, pp. 537–561. more
van der Brug, Wouter, Sebastian Popa, Sarah B. Hobolt and Hermann Schmitt (2021): Democratic support, populism, and the incumbency effect. Journal of Democracy, 32, issue 4, pp. 131-145. more
Vehrkamp, Robert, and Theres Matthieß (2021): Versprechen gehalten - Schlussbilanz zum Koalitionsvertrag der GroKo. Gütersloh [Einwurf – Ein Policy Brief der Bertelsmann Stiftung; 2021/3] more