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Weßels, Bernhard, and Harald Schoen (2021): Die Bundestagswahl 2017 – Mehr vom Selben?. Pp. 3-17 in: Bernhard Weßels, Harald Schoen (Eds.) Wahlen und Wähler. Analysen aus Anlass der Bundestagswahl 2017. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. more
Wozniak, Antal, Hartmut Wessler, Chung-hong Chan and Julia Lück (2021): The Event-Centered Nature of Global Public Spheres: The UN Climate Change Conferences, Fridays for Future, and the (Limited) Transnationalization of Media Debates. International Journal of Communication, 15, pp. 688–714. more
Wuttke, Alexander (2021): The Pleasure Principle: Why (Some) People Develop a Taste for Politics – Evidence from a pre-registered experiment. Politics and the Life Sciences, 40, issue 1, pp. 19-39. more
Zickfeld, Janis, Nils van der Ven, Olivia Pich, Thomas Schubert, Jana Berkessel, Tobias Ebert and et al. (2021): Tears evoke the intention to offer social support: A systematic investigation of the interpersonal effects of emotional crying across 41 countries. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 95, issue July 2021, (article no. 104137). more