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Burgdorf, Katharina, and Henning Hillmann (2021): Identity from symbolic networks: the rise of New Hollywood. [Sociology Seminar, Center for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST), Paris, December 10th, 2021] more
Bähr, Sebastian, Georg-Christoph Haas, Florian Keusch, Frauke Kreuter and Mark Trappmann (2021): Social networks on smartphones. Congruency of online and offline networks and their effect on labor market outcomes. [International Conference "What People Leave Behind: Marks, Traces, Footprints and their Significance for Social Sciences", (virtual conference), June 15th to June 16th, 2021] more
Bücker, Susanne, Tobias Ebert, Friedrich Götz, Theresa M. Entringer and Maike Luhmann (2021): In a Lonely Place: Investigating Regional Differences in Loneliness. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 12, issue 2, pp. 147–155. more
Carey, Sabine (2021): The Promises and Perils of Pro-Government Militias in Armed Conflicts, PeaceLab-Blog, (04/2021) more
Carey, Sabine C., and Anita R. Gohdes (2021): Understanding journalist killings. The Journal of Politics, 83, issue 4, pp. 1216-1228. more
Carey, Sabine C., and Belén González (2021): The legacy of war: The effect of militias on postwar repression. Conflict Management and Peace Science, 38, issue 3, pp. 247–269. more
Chan, Chung-hong, and Jing Zeng (2021): A cross-national diagnosis of infodemics: comparing the topical and temporal features of misinformation around COVID-19 in China, India, the US, Germany and France. Online Information Review, 45, issue 4, pp. 709-728. more
Chan, Chung-hong, Adrian Rauchfleisch, Hartmut Wessler, Pilipp Müller and Katharina Ludwig (2021): Estimation of differential implicit media bias. [71st Annual International Communication Association Conference, (virtual conference), May 27th to May 31st, 2021] more
Chan, Chung-hong, Joseph Bajjalieh, Loretta Auvil, Hartmut Wessler, Scott Althaus, Kasper Welbers, Wouter van Atteveldt and Marc Jungblut (2021): Four best practices for measuring news sentiment using ‘off-the-shelf’ dictionaries: a large-scale p-hacking experiment. Computational Communication Research, 3, issue 1, pp. 1-27. more
Cohen, Denis, and Nick Baumann (2021): regplane3D: Plotting Regression Predictions in 3D, Methods Bites - Blog of the MZES Social Science Data Lab, more