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Dollmann, Jörg, Sabrina Jasmin Mayer and Mariel McKone Leonard (2021): Setting Up An Online Access Panel Of People Of Immigrant Origin In Germany. [ESRA 2021 conference, (virtual conference), July 02nd to July 23rd, 2021] more
Däubler, Thomas, Marc Debus and Alejandro Ecker (2021): The impact of party campaign statements on portfolio allocation in coalition governments. [Workshop “Coalition Dynamics: Advances in the Study of the Coalition Life-Cycle”, Wien, November 12th to November 13th, 2021] more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2021): Unions and Employers. Pp. 278-297 in: Daniel Béland, Stephan Leibfried, Kimberly Morgan, Herbert Obinger, Christopher Pierson (Eds.) The Oxford Handbook of the Welfare State. 2nd edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press. more
Ebert, Tobias, Friedrich M. Götz, Joe J. Gladstone, Sandrine R. Müller and Sandra C. Matz (2021): Spending reflects not only who we are but also who we are around: The joint effects of individual and geographic personality on consumption. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 121, issue 2, pp. 378–393. more
Eck, Jennifer (2021): Counteracting the negative impact of social exclusion. [Invited Talk, University of Southampton, November 17th, 2021] more
Ellerbrock, Simon (2021): What Drives us Apart? Disentangling Political Dissimilarities as Impediments to Political Conversations among Ordinary Citizens. [11th Annual Meeting of the European Political Science Association, (virtual conference), June 24th to June 25th, 2021] more
Erlinghagen, Marcel, Christoph Kern and Petra Stein (2021): Migration, Social Stratification and Dynamic Effects on Subjective Well Being. Advances in Life Course Research, 48, issue June 2021, (article no. 100393). more
Ezrow, Lawrence, Tobias Böhmelt, Roni Lehrer and Hugh Ward (2021): Follow the foreign leader? Why following foreign incumbents is an effective electoral strategy. Party Politics, 27, issue 4, pp. 716–729. more
Fazekas, Zoltán, Sebastian Adrian Popa, Hermann Schmitt, Pablo Barberá and Yannis Theocharis (2021): Elite‐public interaction on twitter: EU issue expansion in the campaign. European Journal of Political Research, 60, issue 2, pp. 376-396. more
Foroutan, Naika, and Frank Kalter (2021): Integration in Vielfalt – Anerkennung, Chancengleichheit und Teilhabe in der Postmigrantischen Gesellschaft. Deutschland & Europa, 38, issue 82, pp. 72-79. more