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Adascalitei, Dragos (2014): Book Review: Easter, G. Capital, Coercion and Postcommunist States. Journal of European Social Policy, 24, issue 2, pp. 199-200. more
Adascalitei, Dragos, and Aurelian Muntean (2014): When Striking Works: The Case of Unions in the Healthcare Sector in Romania. [8th ECPR General Conference, University of Glasgow, September 03rd to September 06th, 2014] more
Adascalitei, Dragos, and Stefan Domonkos (2014): What matters for pension policies? An argument on productivity, FDI and pension provision in Central and Eastern Europe. [CEU Center for Policy Studies, Budapest, May 26th, 2014] more
Adascalitei, Dragos, and Stefan Domonkos (2014): What really is a pension crisis? A theoretical argument on the link between ageing, productivity, and retirement. [Annual Doctoral Conference, Central European University, Budapest, April 25th, 2014] more
Adascalitei, Dragos, and Stefan Domonkos (2014): When Less Is More: The Politics of Pension Privatization during the Financial Crisis of the Late 2000s. [26th SASE Annual Meeting, Northwestern University and University of Chicago, July 10th to July 12th, 2014] more
Allerkamp, Doreen (2014): The Presidency Effect: Case Study Results. [UACES 44th Annual Conference, Cork, Ireland, September 01st to September 03rd, 2014] more
Arránz Becker, Oliver (2014): Gesundheitliche Ungleichheit im Lebensverlauf – ein internationaler Vergleich. [Research-Seminar des Instituts für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, Universität Köln, May 28th, 2014] more
Arránz Becker, Oliver, Astrid Althaus and Edmund Neugebauer (2014): Distinguishing between pain intensity and pain resolution: Using acute post-surgical pain trajectories to predict chronic post-surgical pain. European Journal of Pain, 18, issue 4, pp. 513-521. more
Atkinson, Mary Layton, Shaun Bevan and Laura Chaqués-Bonafont (2014): Gender and Issue Attention: Comparing Spain the United Kingdom and the United States. [72. Annual Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, Ill., April 03rd to April 06th, 2014] more
Bader, Felix, Fabian Thiel, Dominik Steinbeißer and Theresa Ullmann (2014): Experimental Evidence on Network Control Bargaining. [Workshop "Rational Choice Sociology: Theory and Empirical Applications", Venice, November 10th to November 13th, 2014] more