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Adascalitei, Dragos, and Stefan Domonkos (2015): Reforming against all odds: Multi-pillar pension systems in the Czech Republic and Romania. International Social Security Review, 68, issue 2, pp. 85-104. more
Adascalitei, Dragos, and Stefan Domonkos (2015): What really is a pension crisis? A theoretical argument on the link between ageing, productivity, and retirement. London [CPS Working Papers; 7] more
Adascalitei, Dragos, and Stefan Guga (2015): Decentralization, Union Power and Contention Episodes: the Case of Dacia Workers. Glasgow [Marie Curie Changing Employment ITN Research Paper Series] more
Ahrens, Jan-Philipp, Andreas Landmann and Michael Woywode (2015): Gender Preferences in CEO Successions in Family Firms: Family Characteristics and Human Capital of the Successor. Journal of Family Business Strategy, 6, issue 2, pp. 86-103. more
Alanya, Ahu, Christof Wolf and Cristina Sotto (2015): Comparison of Multiple Imputation and Propensity Score Weighting in Unit Nonresponse Adjustments - A Simulation Study. Public Opinion Quarterly, 79, issue 3, pp. 635-661. more
Allerkamp, Doreen (2015): The EU Legislative Process: A Primer. [Workshop: Reformation or Deformation of the Public Procurement Rules in 2014, Copenhagen Business School, November 05th to November 06th, 2015] more
Allerkamp, Doreen (2015): The Presidency Effect. [22nd International Conference of Europeanists, Sciences Po, Paris, July 08th to July 10th, 2015] more
Allerkamp, Doreen (2015): The Presidency Effect and the Rotating Presidency of the Council. [5th Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association, Vienna, June 25th to June 27th, 2015] more
Allerkamp, Doreen (2015): The Quest to Capture Euroscepticism. A Framework for Conceptualization. [14th Biennial Conference of European Union Studies Association, Boston, March 05th to March 07th, 2015] more
Bader, Felix, and Fabian Thiel (2015): Anonymity Concerns in Bargaining Experiments: The Effect of Individual Receipts in Dictator Game and Network Exchange. [Workshop "Rational Choice Sociology: Theory and Empirical Applications", Venice International University, Venice, November 16th to November 18th, 2015] more