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Burgdorf, Katharina, and Henning Hillmann (2018): Creative Revolution through Symbolic Collaboration Networks. The Case of the New Hollywood Movement. [Networks in the Global World, St. Petersburg, July 04th to July 06th, 2018] more
Burgdorf, Katharina, and Henning Hillmann (2018): Kreativer Wandel durch symbolische Netzwerke: Die Entstehung von „New Hollywood“. [Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Netzwerkforschung, Darmstadt, December 03rd to December 04th, 2018] more
Buss, Christopher, and Benedikt Bender (2018): Positions of Interest Groups Towards Labour Market Reforms in Germany: A Novel Content Analysis of Press Releases. Pp. 81-105 in: Bernhard Ebbinghaus, Elias Naumann (Eds.) Welfare State Reforms Seen from Below. Comparing Public Attitudes and Organized Interests in Britain and Germany. London: Palgrave Macmillan. more
Bäck, Hanna, and Marc Debus (2018): Personalized versus partisan representation in the speeches of migrant MPs in the German Bundestag. [27. Wissenschaftlicher Kongress der Deutschen Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft, Frankfurt am Main, September 25th to September 28th, 2018] more
Bäck, Hanna, and Marc Debus (2018): Representing the Region on the Floor: Socioeconomic Characteristics of Electoral Districts and Legislative Speechmaking. Parliamentary Affairs, 71, issue 1, pp. 73-102. more
Bähr, Sebastian, Georg-Christoph Haas, Florian Keusch, Frauke Kreuter and Mark Trappmann (2018): IAB-SMART-Studie: Mit dem Smartphone den Arbeitsmarkt erforschen, IAB-Forum, 2018 more
Chan, Chung-hong, and King-Wa Fu (2018): The “Mutual Ignoring” Mechanism of Cyberbalkanization: Triangulating Big Data Analysis and Agent-Based Modeling. Journal of Information Technology & Politics, 15, issue 4, pp. 378-387. more
Chan, Chung-hong, Cassius Siu-lun Chow and King-Wa Fu (2018): Echoslamming: how incivility interacts with cyberbalkanization on the social media. [68th Annual ICA Conference, Prague, May 24th to May 28th, 2018] more
Chan, Chung-hong, Yuner Zhu, Cassius Siu-lun Chow and King-Wa Fu (2018): Building a dual-layer theory of cyberbalkanization: an analysis of Facebook pages and their audience during the 2014 Hong Kong Occupy Movement. [68th Annual ICA Conference, Prague, May 24th to May 28th, 2018] more
Dassonneville, Ruth, Marc Hooghe and Marc Debus (2018): Economic voting in a federal country: Overcoming the limited clarity of responsibility. Pp. 161-182 in: Kris Deschouwer (Ed.) Mind the Gap. Political Participation and Representation in Belgium. London: Rowman & Littlefield. more