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Debus, Marc (2022): Umwelt- und Naturschutzpolitik im politischen Prozess. Programmatischer Wandel von Parteien und Änderungen in den Zuschnitten der Kabinette in Deutschland, Dossier Naturschutzpolitik, 2022, more
Debus, Marc, and Christoffer Florczak (2022): Using party press releases and Wikipedia page view data to analyse developments and determinants of parties’ issue prevalence: Evidence for the right-wing populist ‘Alternative for Germany’. Research & Politics, 9, issue 3, pp. 1-7 (e-only). more
Debus, Marc, and Noam Himmelrath (2022): Advocates of climate action? The age of members of parliament and their activity in legislative debates on climate change. Climate Action, 1, issue 1, (article-no. 16), pp. 1-13. more
Debus, Marc, and Or Tuttnauer (2022): The impact of coalition heterogeneity and negative campaigning on support for government parties. [Annual Conference of the Swiss Political Science Association, (virtual conference), February 03rd to February 04th, 2022] more
Distler, Verena, Tamara Gutfleisch, Carine Lallemand, Gabriele Lenzini and Vincent Koenig (2022): Complex, but in a good way? How to represent encryption to non-experts through text and visuals – Evidence from expert co-creation and a vignette experiment. Computers in Human Behavior Reports, 5, (article no. 100161), pp. 1-26. more
Dobbrick, Timo, Julia Jakob, Chung-hong Chan and Hartmut Wessler (2022): Enhancing Theory-Informed Dictionary Approaches with “Glass-box” Machine Learning: The Case of Integrative Complexity in Social Media Comments. Communication Methods and Measures, 16, issue 4, pp. 303-320. more
Dollmann, Jörg (2022): The Political Integration of Immigrants: How Pre- and Postmigration Contexts Matter. Journal of International Migration and Integration, 23, pp. 1091–1125. more
Dollmann, Jörg, and Markus Weißmann (2022): "Ethnic Choice Effects“: Welche Rolle spielt die räumliche Verfügbarkeit anspruchsvoller Bildungsalternativen?. Pp. 141-167 in: Hanno Kruse, Janna Teltemann (Eds.) Differenz im Raum Sozialstruktur und Grenzziehung in deutschen Städten. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. more
Dorison, Charles, Jennifer Lerner, Blake Heller, Jana Berkessel and et al. (2022): In COVID-19 health messaging, loss framing increases anxiety with little-to-no concomitant benefits: Experimental evidence from 84 countries. Affective Science, 3, pp. 577–602. more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2022): Public Attitudes towards the Welfare State in Germany and Great Britain: Erosion or rebounding?. [Final Conference Collaborative Research Centre SFB 884, ZEW, Mannheim, May 19th to May 20th, 2022] more