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Carey, Sabine C., Michael P. Colaresi and Neil J. Mitchell (2015): The Silk Road to Insecurity: Why Not Public-Private Collaboration in the Security Sector?, Political Violence @ a Glance, more
Carol, Sarah (2015): Islamic religious rights in Germany: A Contentious Issue? Attitudes Towards Religious Symbols and Minarets. [Council for European Studies, Paris, July 09th, 2015] more
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Carol, Sarah, Marc Helbling and Ines Michalowski (2015): A Struggle over Religious Rights? How Muslim Immigrants and Christian Natives View the Accommodation of Religion in Six European Countries. Social Forces, 94, issue 2, pp. 647-671. more
Cornesse, Carina, and Annelies G. Blom (2015): Book Review: Online Panel Research. A Data Quality Perspective. Journal of Official Statistics, 31, issue 4, pp. 809-812. more
Debus, Marc, Heiner Stuckenschmidt and Hartmut Wessler (2015): On the Use of Different Modalities in Political Communication: Evidence from German Election Manifestos. Pp. 211-225 in: Janina Wildfeuer (Ed.) Building Bridges for Multimodal Research: International Perspectives on Theories and Practices of Multimodal Analysis. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. more
Debus, Marc, Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Angelika Storrer and Hartmut Wessler (2015): Wikiganda: How neutral is Wikipedia?. [BreMM15: Second Bremen Conference on Multimodality, Universität Bremen, September 21st to September 22nd, 2015] more
Debus, Marc, Jale Tosun and Marcel Maxeiner (2015): Parties and their positions on entrepreneurship over time: Does the historical legacy of a political system matter or is economic problem pressure the decisive factor?. [SASE 27th Annual Conference, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, July 14th, 2015] more
Debus, Marc, Thomas Bräuninger and Jochen Müller (2015): Forecasting coalition formation in Germany. [Joint MZES-SFB Workshop ‘Political Forecasting’, MZES, Mannheim, December 18th, 2015] more
Dollmann, Jörg (2015): Immigrant optimism and female advantage in education: A double disadvantage for native boys in Germany?. [CILS4EU 2015 Stockholm Conference, Stockholm, December 17th to December 18th, 2015] more