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Adendorf, Anna (2020): Talk Dirty to Me: Coalition Signals throughout the Electoral Cycle. [Workshop "Party Competition in the Electoral Cycle", (virtual), December 04th, 2020] more
Adendorf, Anna, and Martin Gross (2020): Under Pressure: Dominant Parties' Reactions to Euroskeptic Challenger Parties in European Regions. [ECPR General Conference, (virtual conference), August 24th to August 28th, 2020] more
Althaus, Scott, Joseph Bajjalieh, Marc Jungblut, Dan Shalmon, Wouter van Atteveldt, Kasper Welbers and Hartmut Wessler (2020): Is It Easier to Scare Us or Piss Us Off? The Impact of Terrorist Attacks on News Discourse Across 74 Years of New York Times Reporting. [70th Annual International Communication Association Conference, (virtual conference), May 20th to May 26th, 2020] more
Altmann, Samuel, Luke Milsom, Hannah Zillessen, Raffaele Blasone, Frederic Gerdon, Ruben L. Bach, Frauke Kreuter, Daniele Nosenzo, Séverine Toussaert and Johannes Abeler (2020): Acceptability of App-Based Contact Tracing for COVID-19: Cross-Country Survey Study. JMIR MHealth and UHealth, 8, issue 8, (article no. e19857). more
Auer, Daniel, and Flavia Fossati (2020): Compensation or competition: Bias in immigrants' access to active labour market measures. Social Policy and Administration, 54, issue 3, pp. 390-409. more
Auer, Daniel, Friderieke Römer and Jasper Tjaden (2020): Corruption and the Desire to Leave: Quasi-Experimental Evidence on Corruption as a Driver of Emigration Intentions. IZA Journal of Development and Migration, 11, issue 1, pp. 1-31. more
Autenrieth, Ingo, Katja Becker, Stephan Becker, Dirk Brockmann, Katharina Domschke, Christian Drosten, Ute Frevert, Bärbel Friedrich, Jutta Gärtner, Gerald Haug and others (2020): Coronavirus-Pandemie: Wirksame Regeln für Herbst und Winter aufstellen: 6. Ad-hoc-Stellungnahme - 23. September 2020. Halle [Ad-hoc-Stellungnahme / Leopoldina; 6] more
Bach, Ruben L., and Alexander Wenz (2020): Studying health-related internet and mobile device use using web logs and smartphone records. PLOS ONE, 15, issue 6, (article no. e0234663). more
Bach, Ruben L., and Stephanie Eckman (2020): Rotation Group Bias in Reporting of Household Purchases in the U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey. Economics Letters, 187, issue February 2020, (article no. 108889). more
Bach, Ruben L., Stephanie Eckman and Jessica Daikeler (2020): Misreporting Among Reluctant Respondents. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, 8, issue 3, pp. 566–588. more