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van Deth, Jan W., and Frauke Kreuter (2013): Membership of Voluntary Associations. Pp. 135-155 in: Jan W. van Deth (Ed.) Comparative Politics: The Problem of Equivalence. Colchester: ECPR Press. more
Walter, Stefanie (2013): EU citizens in the European public sphere(s): An empirical analysis of the visibility of EU citizens across the 27 member states. [7th ECPR General Conference, Sciences Po, Bordeaux, September 04th to September 07th, 2013] more
Weinmann, Carina, Charlotte Löb, Tamara Mattheiß and Peter Vorderer (2013): Approaching science by watching TV: What do entertainment programs contribute to viewers’ competence in genetic engineering.. Educational Media International, 50, issue 3, pp. 149-161. more
Weishaupt, J. Timo (2013): Governing Public Employment Services: New Public Management, Social Partnership and Privatization. Pp. 194-221 in: Jason Heyes, Ludek Rychly (Eds.) Labour Administration in Uncertain Times: Policy, Practice and Institutions. Cheltenham, Northhampton (MA), Geneva: Edward Elgar and International Labour Office. more
Weishaupt, J. Timo (2013): Neo-corporatist Revival in Continental Europe? Germany’s Social Partners as Crisis Mediators. [Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, August 29th to September 01st, 2013] more
Weishaupt, J. Timo, and Andrej Privara (2013): The Austrian flexicurity model: a source of inspiration for other EU member states?. Nová ekonomika, 6, issue 1, pp. 99-108. more
Weishaupt, J. Timo, and Tobias Schulze-Cleven (2013): Ideational Legacies, Partisanship and Labor Market Policies in Crisis-Ridden Europe. [20th International Conference of Europeanists, University of Amsterdam, June 25th to June 27th, 2013] more
Weiss, Felix, and Hanna-Marei Steininger (2013): Educational family background and the realisation of educational career intentions: participation of German upper secondary graduates in higher education over time. Higher Education, 66, issue 2, pp. 189-202. more
Wessler, Hartmut, and Eike Mark Rinke (2013): Deliberative strengths and weaknesses in television news: Insights from the US, Germany, and Russia. [63rd Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, London, June 17th to June 21st, 2013] more
Wessler, Hartmut, Julia Lück and Antal Wozniak (2013): Networks of coproduction: How mainstream NGOs and journalists create common interpretations of the UN climate summits. [63rd Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), London, June 17th to June 21st, 2013] more