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Buchholz, Sandra, Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Dirk Hofäcker and Kathrin Kolb (2010): Life Trajectories in the Course of Globalization. On the Change of Social Inequalities in Modern Societies (Cyrillic). Sociological Problems, 43, issue 1/2, pp. 7-31. more
Bäck, Hanna (2010): Den svenska regeringsbildningen i ett jämförande perspektiv. Pp. 33-55 in: Jörgen Hermansson (Ed.) Regeringsmakten i Sverige. Ett experiment i parlamentarism, 1917–2009. Stockholm: SNS. more
Kogan, Irena, Michael Gebel and Clemens Noelke (2010): Educational expansion and social inequality in Central and Eastern European countries (published in Bulgarian). Sociologi?eski problemi, 42, issue 1-2, pp. 94–117. more
Müller, Walter, Markus Klein, Steffen Schindler and Reinhard Pollak (2010): Long-Term Development of Social Disparities in Eligibility for Higher Education in Germany (Cyrillic). Sociological Problems, 43, issue 1/2, pp. 146-174 . more
Teperoglou, Eftichia, Theodore Chadjipadelis and Ioannis Andreadis (2010): Voters and candidates at national and European cleavages: convergences and divergences. Science and Society, Review of Political and Moral Theory. Special issue on: Cleavages within the party system, issue 25, pp. 37-63. more