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Bauer, Gerrit, and Thorsten Kneip (2010): Proceptive Behavior from a Couple Perspective. It takes two – but who leads the Tango?. Wien more
Beier, Loreen, Dirk Hofäcker, Elisa Marchese and Marina Rupp (2010): Family Structures & Family Forms – An Overview of Major Trends and Developments. more
Hörisch, Felix (2010): Mehr Demokratie wagen – auch in der Wirtschaft. Die Weiterentwicklung der Unternehmensmitbestimmung in Zeiten der Finanz- und Wirtschaftskrise. Bonn [WISO direkt. Analysen und Konzepte zur Wirtschafts- und Sozialpolitik der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung] more
Hüller, Thorsten, and Beate Kohler-Koch (2010): Analysing the Democratic Credentials of the 'Accountability Web' in European Multilevel Governance: The Potential Role of Civil Society Organisations. Bruges more
Kohler-Koch, Beate (2010): Civil Society in EU Governance – Lobby Groups like Any Other?. Trento more
Kohler-Koch, Beate (2010): Civil Society in the European Union: Lessons from the Recent Research. St. Petersburg more
Kohler-Koch, Beate (2010): If participation does not do the job, will accountability make a difference? The role of CSO in EU accountability. Victoria, BC more
Kohler-Koch, Beate (2010): NGOs in the European Union. St. Petersburg more
Kohler-Koch, Beate, and Christine Quittkat (2010): Europeanization of Interest Intermediation (EUROLOB II): A research initiative. Mannheim more
Schindler, Steffen (2010): Assessing the cumulative impact of primary and secondary effects on the way from elementary to tertiary education. A simulation study for Germany. [Equalsoc Working Paper] more